It’s No Yoke…

I have it on good authority that egg boxes make for excellent soundproofing. Seemingly though, there is a problem…

Now before I shoot off and shell-out for thousands of eggs to get my hands on the boxes and a few gallons of pva glue to attach said boxes to the walls, I felt duty bound to investigate this claim. And having done so, I’m a little surprised to learn that such simple measures will not in fact, eradicate any acoustic resonances of a reasonable measure… So, assuming I clad the walls in card ovum holders, is it likely that they could possibly amplify sounds? And could it be that this may well be more interesting? Now, I’m no acoustician but I know a man who is – perhaps he might correct me?

If anything, at least I’d be good for omelettes…


About Robert

A fifty-something, retired Celestial Travel Agent. Walked many paths; some good, lots bad. Meandering through the past, plodding in the present, crawling toward the future.
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